Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dammit ToTheArk stop calling me.

We keep getting weird distorted phone calls on Vivi's cell phone, which would be creepy if it weren't for the fact they're kinda narmy and we know they have Vivi's cell number. We're going to change her number tommorrow as it's midnight-ish and the constant calls are getting annoying, especially since as my alarm clock is borked we are relying on that cell phone so we get out of bed in time to fit in some sparring before breakfast.

(Denying Chester breakfast makes him work harder. I feel bad about it but it works and he doesn't mind as long as he gets food eventually. Never say I'm not good at incentives because that would be a lie. --Vivi)

There are so many dirty ways that that sentence could be interpreted, Vivi. Sooooooooo many.

(Oh. I see. Incentives, not "incentives", people.)

XD so we're lying around trying to get some sleep and hoping Mystery Caller doesn't call again.

(Noooooo, you jinxed it!)

Ahhhhh that hurt, you didn't need to hit me that hard. Oww, my head.

(Sorry. *chu* Better?)

Much. I swear, these proxies. For every one that goes after us there's another like this one that just tries to freak us out and fails horribly.

If our mystery caller tries to get into the house, good luck to him. I hope he likes the present we left him on the front step.

(Y'know what? Screw it. We'll turn my phone off and spar before lunch instead of breakfast. I'm too bloody tired for this.)

Sounds good. See you guys... Later today, I guess.


  1. So they're using the demon phone tactic now? That's just uninspired. >.< What, did they watch "One Missed Call" and think that would be funny?

    Not cool, proxies.


  2. I know...must be a newbie or something :/