Monday, January 3, 2011


 woke up about an hour ago. She's surprisingly coherent now and quite emphatic about several things.

1) She wants to go home to America.
2) A shower and a change of clothes, since the ones she has she's been wearing for at least 36 hours and also while proxy!Kaylee may be fine with short skirts the real Kaylee is most definitely not.
3) Food. We offered her something to eat before but she couldn't keep anything down so yeah.

The only thing I could see a problem with would be 1). However, last night we got a call from the police in America, saying that they found Kaylee two weeks ago, turns out she was having paranoid delusions or something and just ran off, and she refused to go to therapy until she'd gone to New Zealand to visit me and let me know she was alive, had I seen her? They seem happy with that story, the case is closed

So Kaylee is catching a flight to America on the 5th and she's going to go and try rebuild her life.

Other than that, I have another transcript for you now.

V: You feeling better?

K: I am clean and I have eaten, so I could say that I do.

V: You're using pronouns now.

K: But not contractions.

V: I noticed. Do you think we can untie you or is that a bad idea?

K: I am not sure...maybe it is best to keep me restrained in the meantime.

V: Did you hear about what happened to Lionel?

K: Yes. He knew the truth. It was too much for him. I am glad.

V: Why?

K: If he had been alive I would have been sent to kill him.

V: I see.

K: Who is Chester? He was not living in your apartment when I was last here.

V: Chester is another one of Slendy's Special Friends.  He's also my co-worker and my boyfriend.

K: So that is why you seem very close. ...He is very intimidating.

(insert Chester and I exchanging incredulous looks here)

V: Chester is a gentleman unless you are a proxy, which you currently appear not to be.

C: If it's any help, I'm scared of you too. Out of curiosity, can you explain what precisely you meant by "Compulsion"?

K: Oh. Bad word to describe it, really. Indoctrinated have no will for their own. Their will and that of the Master is the same. They want nothing that It does not want. Their only purpose is as a motherf***ing meat puppet to the Master.

(I will not tell you how funny that last sentence was when said in Kaylee's voice (which is very soft) when she is otherwise speaking extremely formally.)

V: Can you remember what the Master compelled you to do? Did it give you any insight?

K: Very little. There is no pattern between people he wants killed and those he just wants haunted.

C: ...Kaylee, did you know about the blogs? People writing about being stalked by Slender Man on the internet?

K: Yes, but I was under the impression that Logan, Joshua, and Damien had been dealt with...

(She doesn't know? What?)


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  1. Made it to Texas.

    You guys have a problem on your hands that's going to get reasonably complicated.

    Stay safe.