Sunday, January 16, 2011

Done Condensing

We have a schmancy new header bar that contains links to the home page and to the condensed version. Go have a look, and if you haven't already done an Archive Binge due to tl;dr, go have a read. It's long, but it's only a fraction of the length of the entire blog.

Work tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing my workmates again. Apparently a LOT happened while we were gone. No sure what. We'll fill you in when we find out.

Nothing too big happening on the Slendy front. We were cleaning when Vivi found that whoever broke into the apartment didn't just deface the bathroom- they found Viv's old drawings. When she was younger she couldn't draw faces so her little people wouldn't have facial features. Now they do, even if all it is is a few pen strokes forming an (X). The ones that did have faces have had them meticulously whited out with correction fluid. Huh.

We're seeing Jeff and Francheska tomorrow. I'm not sure where your flight is in, guys, but our work ends at 5 and we're usually home by 5.15. We can pick you up from the airport if your flight arrives in the evening, and we'll treat you to dinner. Well, Vivi will, I still can't cook. Speaking of which, watch out. Vivi likes to glomp people and she is stronger and heavier than her stature would suggest.

Speaking of dinner, I'm going to see if I can help Vieve with ours. :3



  1. Speaking of the condensing.

    Here's the link for the BSOD post you needed.

    Still never blamed you, Vivi.


  2. Thanks! :D

    I know you never did. the only person who blamed me was me.

    See you tomorrow!