Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Guess who's found us? Yep. Our little friend from the the looped apartment. He (we now know it's a he) spent most of this morning standing outside the house. He hasn't tried anything yet, but we're wary. Jeff and Cheska left us plenty prepared, and although I have problems with harming women and children, this kid probably has information about what happened with the looped apartment. If we can question him, we may have a way of figuring out what the hell happened that day.

We know it's a he because there was a missing person report in the newspaper. Our little Masky is a 13-year-old boy named Michael. He's been missing for two weeks. His family are worried sick about him.

Just a kid, Slendy. Just a fucking kid. Hell, he tried to pet Cassy at one point. She ran away, smart little cat.

How low can this THING sink?

We just have to move forward and hope for the best. It's how Vivi and I have made it this far. We may be walking into the darkness of the unknown, but we can bring light with us. We're not alone. We can help each other. Hell, we already are. Bloggers are co-operating, banding together. We're one big slightly dyfunctional messed up family, and if Slendy messes with one of us the rest of us all jump in to help them, just like a real family rather than just a group of people all being stalked by Slendy.

It makes Vivi and I smile. The more we work together, the more information we pool, the better off we will be. Keep collaborating, bloggers. And if you're ever in trouble, you can expect some serious protective-older-sibling shit from the both of us, because we love you and stuff.



  1. And you know I'm there, every step of the way.

    But kids? That is low, I mean, even for this.

    I don't know, I know I couldn't kill a child.
    I need some thinking room.

    I'll be around.


  2. OH GOD.

    Not with you two, too?!


    Children is a whole new low for such a freak.

    Good luck.

    The Scientist

  3. I left you guys something under the sink.

    About a half dozen vials of the cure.

    Best of luck, Vivi and Chester.

    The Keeper

  4. There aren't many lows to which Slendy will not sink.

    @Jeff: You did? Sweet, that's going to come in useful.

  5. Thirteen. All the saints in heaven, THIRTEEN. Son of a BITCH.

    On the plus side, it looks like Sandra heard about the Hallowed Child over in Ava's neck of the woods and is ready to beat H(a)unting!Slender to death with his own arms. I think if you leave a request, she'll slap him extra-hard for you. It can't hurt to ask.


  6. I'm reaching out to anyone I can here.

    You don't know me, but I need help, badly, my life depends on it.

    No one reply to this, no point, everything you need to know is on my most recent entry. I don't need to draw attention to myself more than I am already.

  7. He is sinking because he is getting desperate.
    He will fall.