Friday, January 21, 2011

Kaylee's back

Or so I hear. On our last post I got an anonymous comment directing me towards this tumblr blog: Let Go Of Me. Which appears to be written by Kaylee. A substantially different Kaylee to the one that I befriended a few months ago, substantially different even to the one we met around New Years.

I feel a little sorry for her, to be honest. She seems very unhappy.

She says she doesn't know who posted the anon. comment as it wasn't her. Odd.

It's nice to know she's alive. We would have been good friends if it weren't for circumstances.

Still no sign of Slendy, It's making me nervous.



  1. The title, combined with her situation, gives me pause. Stay sharp, and make sure to reveal only the bare minimum.

  2. I'll make sure not to reveal anything she doesn't already know.

  3. I'm telling you, he/it's planning something big.
    And we all better be ready for the storm.