Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chester has gotten surprisingly good at disassembling and reassembling guns over the past few hours. He's been doing so pretty much nonstop ever since he figured out how. Way to go, Jeff, you figured out one of Chester's strong points- he likes taking things apart and seeing how they work. He was quite the Science nerd back in high school, when he wasn't being a Performing Arts nerd. Odd combination but it kind of works.

Tonight is our second night of having Jeff and Cheska around (I KNEW that couch bed would come in handy someday!). It's nice, since we don't have guests often. Unfortunately we have to leave them to their own devices tomorrow because we have work. We've given them a map of the city and directions to our workplace in case they get lost, get bored, or want a place to eat (Because there are a fair few dodgy eateries out there >.>) with a warning that Mariko flirts with anyone and everyone who isn't obviously taken and even then you aren't safe and not to think anything of it, that's just how she rolls. If she doesn't flirt with you, THEN you should worry about her being interested in you.

Well, I should probably go. If anything happens, we pinky promise to let you know. As as any person who has been through school should know, pinky promises are serious business.


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