Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Girls are weird.

Vieve's bag is half again the size of mine, probably because she packed a lot more clothing than me and because she has packed shampoo and shower gel and thing that she says I don't need to know about because they are feminine mysteries. n_n But seriously we have access to a washing machine and clothesline amirite? We don't need to bring that much clothing...

(Layering, Chester. I layer my clothes because it gets boring wearing a t-shirt or tanktop and shorts all summer.)

Slendy showed up earlier today. Both of us shat bricks. He's just left. He didn't do much. He was on our side on the road facing #27 for a while then outside #27 looking up at us. If you looked at him directly he'd do this weird headtilt thing but otherwise, just there. Weird.

Oh well. Matarangi tomorrow. 4 hours in a car, two of which I will be driving (I got my full license yesterday! :D) then 10 days of hanging out with Vieve and her family at the beach. It's like a 10-day-long Beach Episode! Yay!


...Hah hah. We won't have internet down in Matarangi so if you want to know what we're doing, check our twitter Chestevieve , since you can update twitter from your mobile as long as you have signal. We're adding the widget to our profile as soon as I can figure out how, because Chester tried and he crashed Internet Explorer. I have no idea why he was using IE anyway, that thing is slow as hell.

Anyway! I've got to go make dinner (Macaroni and Cheese) and then I've got to take Cassy down to Alice in 5C, who will be looking after her while we are gone. I've left Cassy in Alice's company before. I got some pretty funny looks last time I went away because  was standing in the elevator with a half-grown cat perched on my shoulder. Cassy's small for a cat so I can walk around with her on my shoulder and she's mellow enough that I can actually go in the elevator, walk through the lobby and check my mailbox and she will just sit there. It's awesome.



  1. Isn't watching just the weirdest? Out of the times he's watched, those are the times I get paranoid, feels like he's going to do something, then he's gone. I sit through a wave of anxiety attacks waiting for more, then nothing.

    It's the worst, but whatever, happens I guess. I've said it already, but have fun guys, breaks keep you sane.

  2. Watching always gives me the shivers. I'd honestly be happier if he did something, if he seemed to have some kind of human motive, but no, he stands there. It's weird.