Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Thank god Jean is okay. Still worrying about Fizzy as she hasn't posted for a while. I hope she's not gone.

Dinner with Jeff and Fallen went fantastically. They are model guests. No sign of Slendy, which is somewhat unusual as we've had him chilling on our street or outside work or otherwise nearby pretty much every day on-and-off, so I'm a little nervous. If anything unusual happens we'll be sure to tell you guys...

We're in the process of trying to narrow down who defaced the bathroom and Vivi's drawings while we were away. The problem is that they didn't exactly leave any handy evidence as to their identity lying around. the only people we've struck off are Viv's immediate family, who were with us, her best friend who is in Japan, and a few of my more distant relatives who don't know that I'm living with Vivi.

Everyone stay safe. Try not to die.


P.S. I turned my phone on this morning and found 17 missed calls from Max. He's kept calling me to tell me about things that have happened to him on Minecraft (which I sorely regret introducing him to.). Even really trivial ones like finding a squid or getting chased by a Skeleton. I can't wait until he finds out about Herobrine, thinks it's real and then flips out, that'll be fun to watch.


  1. Vieve, I don't think Fizz is coming back.

    Glad to see you're okay though.

  2. True. When it comes to Where's-his-face, no news is bad news, which is why we're worried about the sudden lack of Slendy. We're keeping an eye out.