Tuesday, January 4, 2011


EDIT: Our Twitter, @Chestevieve, is now online and functioning.

Well, Kaylee's gone. She decided continuing to sleep on our couch was probably not a good idea and left in the middle of the night. So, that's one problem solved. Although I think we're going to have to barricade the door shut at night instead of just locking it to prevent proxies picking the locks and getting in that way. You have to hand it to them, they're a pretty resourceful bunch, even if they're using that resourcefulness in service of Where's-his-face.

Genevieve and I are leaving for Matarangi tomorrow. There's no internet there, so we'll be signing up for Twitter, which will allow us to stay in touch so if we get pwned by proxies we can let you know, although we won't be able to check the blogs etc because both Vieve and I have older cellphones without all this schmancy internet browser stuff. Well, Vieve's has a browser but it's text-only and pretty much good for absolutely nothing. If we can get ahold of a Wi-Fi connection we'll make sure to check up on you all.

Okay, so dinner with the Sullivan family was bad enough, right?

I'm going to be spending 10 days LIVING with them. Help meeeeeeeeee.

(You'll be fine as long as by some miracle Jonathan doesn't challenge anyone to and game of Mahjong and Dad doesn't decide it would be a good idea to barbeque something. Charcoal is not food, Dad. --Vivi)

...If there's one thing related to food I can do, it's use a barbeque. If your Dad doesn't mind help it'll probably be fine.

(...Where have you been all my life?)

Around, usually. Don't worry, guys, we'll be on the lookout for proxies and any other slender-shenanigans and we'll be taking weapons in case thing turn nasty. We've still got one shot of the cure left as well...

(Slender-shenanigans? Seriously, Chester? Ah well. He's right, we're not optimistic enough to think that we're going to be left alone...)

We'll just try to enjoy ourselves in the meantime.