Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wait, what?

This is probably the best birthday I have ever had. And the weirdest. Okay, so Slim Shady (*shot*) is standing outside work. There is an Eldritch Abomination, which has been quietly doing his best to ruin my life since the end of October, outside my work and there are three proxies (Razor may be a Revenant. Possibly Two-face as well.) loose around my home city.

On the other hand, I'm not alone, and my life is still pretty good. Just...weird. A run-down:

- Max is singing Justin Bieber. In falsetto. (Whut.)
- Mariko has made several suggestions as to what else Vieve may be giving me for my birthday (...whut.)
- Leah and Vieve are arguing over which of them is better off in terms of figure. Leah is a Pettanko. not. Each of thinks the other is better off, probably because Leah used to get teased for being nearly flat, and Vivi...when questioned, mumbled something about "sparring" and "rough equivalent of a groin punch". So Yeah. (Whut.)
- Mr Irving is in his office humming Christmas carols.

Welcome to my life, popcorn and drinks at the door.

Hey, look who it is. It's Razor. Dayumn, this place is getting popular with Slendymooks. 




  1. Happy Birthday, Chester!

    Glad you're at least having a good one.

  2. Chess, if Razor's a Revenant, just blow an air horn in their ear and shove some garlic down their throat.

    Highly sensitive senses indeed.

    Also, Happy Birthday again.

    Have fun.

    The Keeper

    I saw what Vivi is going to give you.

    Dear God, she went all out.

    You're going to love it, Chess.

  3. Wait- am I getting something other than the mix CD, which is probably the most personal present I have ever received?

    Hell, every single song on that Mix CD has some kind of history between us. This beats soap (Are my parents trying to tell me I'm unhygienic, because I object to that) and yeah.