Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday

to Chester. He's made it to 21. He was on the phone to his parents and some of his friends last night, convincing every one of them NOT to throw a gigantic party. Last thing we need right now. We're going out to dinner tonight and we might invite a few people (close friends and family) around for drinks and cake on Saturday, but otherwise...well, yeah. You should have seen me when I got home after that incident. My stomach and left side were one big mass of bruise. It's...well, I look like I have some kind of skin disease, but it'll probably be mostly faded by tomorrow evening. I'm not superhuman but I do heal cuts and bruises up pretty fast.

I guess...what happened at that shed was...a little embarassing for me. I'm just happy that I got out of it with only some bruising and wounded pride. One or both of us could have died in there. Yeah.

If anyone curious as to what I got Chester, I made him a mix CD because he's always muttering about stealing my music and frequently "borrows" my iPod to listen to my music. So I made him a CD and made a cover insert for it with the song titles and artists and everything. It took about a month because since he's been living with me it's been hard to hide it from him...Oh well. He's absolutely thrilled with it and we listened to it in the car on the way to work. I'm glad he likes it <3 He's cute when he gets all enthusiastic about things.

...If Max waggles his eyebrows and makes comments about "other presents" on more time I will punch his face in.

(CHESTER COMPUTER IPOD-JACKING TIME! Hello guys. I'm 21. I'm legal drinking age pretty much EVERYWHERE now. That would matter if I drank alcohol regularly, but I do not, so I guess being 21 is not a particularly interesting number. Which could be for the best. I remember my 18th birthday party. That was not pretty.)

...I remember that. Well, we have to go now, we're starting to get more customers and we're needed, so bye! We'll let you know if anything goes horribly wrong, okay?



  1. D'aww. Happy birthday, Chess.

  2. Happy Birthday, Chess.

    Best of luck to you.

    The Keeper

  3. Happy birthday, Chester! :3


  4. Happy birthday to you,
    I went to the zoo,
    I saw a fat monkey~
    And I thought it was you~

    Yaaaaaaaayyyyy 83

  5. @Ava: Must have been a really, really tall monkey. x3

    @Everyone else: I'll pass your birthday greetings on to Chester.