Thursday, February 3, 2011

Do NOT want

Arrived at work a while back, just in time for opening. And guess who was our first customer? No, second actually, sorry. Two-Face came in with Frank, ordered, and sat down. Two-Face, I think, may be a Revenant, since she hasn't eaten or drank anything other than water and reacted like she'd been stung when one of the other customers brushed against her on their way to the counter. Can't be sure, but it looks like it. 

Geez. First thing Razor coming in yesterday, now Two-Face and Frank. This place is getting frequented by Proxies more and more. It's odd. If they're trying to pull some kind of "WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE" thing, it's not working. The looped apartment was freaky, what happened at the shed was freaky, Two proxies coming in and ordering the seafood chowder is...actually kinda funny.

:3 The weather in Auckland at the moment is being pretty weird. It's wet, but too warm. Too humid. It's driving me insane. I HATE the humidity. I don't think I could live anywhere more hot/humid than here, I would turn into a zombie three months out of twelve. Don't shoot me for this, but I prefer winter. n_n

Aaaaand more orders are trickling in, so I'll be off. Everyone stay safe!



  1. Well, it has to be tiring, stalking the two of you.

    Have you tried spiking the Revenant's water with chilli?

  2. I second Ava's idea. It might get you fired, though...