Tuesday, February 15, 2011


What exactly to make of our current situation. As you know, Vivi is out of the Labyrinth, but she seems...not exactly paranoid, but warier. And we're both...really tired.

We haven't had any new Indoctrinated activity. We've seen Two Face a couple of times, but she's always given us this look of absolute horror and then run off. Frank is unaccounted for and Adam is with his father and sister now.

Speaking of Adam, got a phone call from him this morning.

C: Hello?

A: Hello. It's, um, Adam. For now.

C: Hi- what do you mean, "for now"?

A: Razor's still there. I can hear him. He might...take control. He hasn't so far, but I worry that he might.

C: ...So you have some kind of split personality thing going on?

A: No, I don't...Razor was me as a proxy. I think His grip on me was strong because I was convinced that if it kept Mum away, it must be a great and important duty and maybe if I helped her she could come back sooner...and he's not quite gone. I still get...violent...impulses...

C: ...You're pretty naive, aren't you? No offence.

A: Not so much any more, I hope...it's got me into nothing but trouble. And...it's hard to be naive when I can remember being Razor. I remember kicking Genevieve and he was enjoying it, for gods sake, he thought it was all good fun, all just a game...and I've got blood on my hands now. I can't go back to being the way I was before with that on my conscience.

C: So what are you going to do?

A: I'm going to University at the start of the year.

C: What do you want to do?

A: Psychology. I want to help people, and I need some way to make up for what I've done. And what Mum has done and will do. I'll...I'll help you, if you need it, but I probably can't tell you anything you don't already know. I've read some of the blogs since I got home. Yours included.

C: Do you think you might start up your own?

A: Probably not. I think I need to try and...get away from all this. Try and live normally. Also, can I ask you to do something for me?

C: Depends what it is, but probably yes.

A: If you see Mum, can you tell her we all miss her?

*he hangs up here*

Well. Looks like we're going to have to keep an eye on Adam. It's true he was a completely different person as a proxy and he threw up twice as much as Kaylee and Mike put together, so it's possible that Razor is still hanging around in the back of his mind. He'll contact us or his family will if he regresses. We're the only Fighters in Auckland as far as we know, so we have to look after the people we can find.

I've rigged up a few more traps for people who try and get into the house. We've already secured the window sills- perhaps not enough to deal with a Revenant and their healing factor, but perhaps slow them down and I look forward to the next time someone tries to come in the back door without turning the outside light on first. If they do, WE WILL KNOW.

My dad is an electrician. I am very grateful for the times I listened to him walk about work at the dinner table.

And if anyone wonders, my valentines day was fantastic.



  1. 1) I must make a strange reference for insane lulz. "I'M A TURTLE."
    2) Sorry to hear about Adam.....
    3) Traps, oh, yay!
    4) Mine is sucky... I have no one to spend it with.
    5) I'm a turtle.
    Tell Vivi hi!

  2. @Shelby:

    1) References are good for [DATA EXPUNGED].
    2) I don't think you need to be sorry. He's alright for now and it may be that he remains alright. We'll keep an eye on him.
    3) Yes, yay.
    4) :< Back when I was single, I used to get together with a few of my friends and we'd go to the arcade. Valentines Day doesn't have to be able romantic love.
    5) You're pretty adept at operating a keyboard for a turtle.
    You don't need to tell him to tell me hi, I read the comments too. More often than he does, actually.


  3. 1) xD
    2) Well, I'm hoping for ya.
    3) >:D
    4) ...you guys on here... are pretty much my only friends... so I have been.
    5) xD
    *mega facepalm* Sorry, I'm an idiot.


  4. Hey, you probably have more friends on here than you think. We're...a fairly friendly bunch despite the circumstances and we're all one big messy family full of Battle Couples, Atoners, Mad Scientists and The Power Of Friendship/Love.


  5. I meant, the blogosphere. And yes, the Tropese people are ABUNDANT here! xD ....why the hell am I actually watching Marble Hornets? o_O

  6. There are a LOT of people listed under One Of Us on Slendy's TVTropes page. Most of us are tropers, and the ones that aren't will become familiar with the terminology after a while.


  7. Mhm. Guess how I rediscovered Mr. Tall, Dark, and Faceless? That's right, TvTropes. Everyone shall learn our trope titles. Everyone.... *cue evil laughter* ...ahem.


  8. Glad to here Adams doing alright. I might not be a troper, but I do occasionally check tvropes to see if I've missed anything important slendy blog wise

  9. TVTropes will Ruin/Enhance your life/vocabulary. True facts.



    Fucking FRANK.


    Not the best way to spend my lunch break and now I am wearing my jacket in the SWELTERING HEAT to cover up the bruises. FUN TIMES GAIZ. FUN TIMES.

  11. You okay?!

    (Also, I got really scared when you mentioned your dad is an electrician. o.o I'd ask what you're planning, but I just decided I don't want to know.)