Monday, February 21, 2011


This weekend has been...interesting, to say the least. I've learnt a lot, about myself and about Chester. It's put things into perspective for me. Given me time to think about all this, and my place in it. Our place, really. I would have quite a different role in this if it weren't for Chess. I can't be as gung-ho as I would be because I have to watch him so I don't have to drag his ass out of whatever trouble he manages to get into. Probably a good thing, really. And if manage to get myself into deep shit, he'll bail me out because if someone's got me cornered, things are bad enough to warrant violence.

We're not fighting because we want to kill the Slender Man. We're fighting because we want to free all the people who are living in his shadow. The proxies, the runners, the people who are living in his shadow with fear defining their lives. If there's anyone living nearby who needs our help, we will help them. We'll cure the proxies, we'll teach those living in shadow to find the light again, we'll help however we can because we are all in this together, and when one of us falls down it's our job as friends to help them stand again.

We're only human, all of us. Even the proxies and the Revenants, they're human underneath it all.

I got a haircut on Sunday. I haven't cut my hair since I was 15 (when I got it cut really, really short) and before my trip to the hairdressers it reached the middle of my back. Which although pretty is a pain in the ass, both to wash and to keep out of my face. So in the interest of practicality I got it cut to shoulder length.

Chester's sparring has been improving quite steadily. He still won't hit very hard and he freaks out if he thinks he's hurt me, but if I have my way he'll be a force to be reckoned with soon. He has quite the advantage in physical strength alone (he can pick me up and carry me with very little effort) but at the moment he has two settings- "Really trying to hurt you as little as possible." and "IMGONNAKILLYOUANDPULVERISEYOURCORPSETOUSEASFERTILISERFORMYHYDRANGEASSOGTFOBEFOREYOUDIEHORRIBLYBYMYHANDRAAAAARGH"

Not that I don't find his niceness extremely attractive...what? I'm allowed. I'm a nice person (mostly), there's no way I'd go out with a jerkity jerk jerky jerk-ass-

Speaking of which, Max and Leah are getting married. I don't even. They've been together six months and they've only been able to ADMIT that it's a romantic relationship fairly recently and not just sex and now they're getting MARRIED. They're a bit young too. Max is 21, Leah is 26.

We're having another betting pool on how many times the wedding is called off before it actually happens. I have $20 on twice. Mariko has bet the same amount on four, and then they elope. It says something that Max himself has placed a bet. He's a jerk, yes, but at least he knows it. Leah is the only person Max will ever say "I'm sorry" to in a volume louder than a mutter because aw look he really does love her.

Speaking of betting pools...we owe Mariko.





  1. I lol'd at the mention of Chester's 2 settings. ^^ Good to see you two are doing okay.


  2. lol How much do you owe her exactly?

  3. @Alora: I liked the bit about the hydrangeas!

    @Selina: I'm going to have to look all the way back to December when that particular pool was made but I'm pretty sure it's $20.


  4. Took a minute to read the rage setting. Hydrangeas. That's a fun word. You're right. We ARE only human....