Sunday, November 28, 2010

Well. That was really, really not fun.

It was a Proxy. I got fed up with waiting and opened the door, cricket bat in hand, and this kid of about 16 or 17 lunges at me. It was pretty creepy, actually- his face was totally frozen, the only thing that moved was his eyes when they blinked. And he didn't look all over the place like a normal person would, he just stared straight at me the entire time.

I'm lucky the lady from 7B didn't come to see what the heck was going on. She's deaf as a post in her right ear, thank god. Makes communicating with her a pain but saved my ass, she's a bit loony.

I managed to stop him from pushing into the apartment. Shut the door behind me, made sure I had my cricket bat and then ran like hell was at my heels. I led him to an alley a block away and made a spirited attempt at bashing his face in. Didn't work, but I got him unconscious. He had a broken bottle, of all things. He didn't do anything serious with it. I've got a few bruises and cuts but nothing that won't heal up within a week.

Lesson of the day, boys and girls: If you're home, put the chain on your door if you have one. If you aren't, set your alarm.

I now have an MSN if you need to contact me.


  1. Shiza, friggin proxies. Does your area have any sort of neighborhood watch programme? Just wondering...

  2. I don't actually know. I've only been here around 18 months, I used to live in a different area of town. I'll ask about.

  3. Ha! What a pathetic excuse for a proxy. If that was me you wouldn't be able to type let alone walk.

  4. @ RK: ... Seriously? Never mess with a New Zealander with a cricket bat, RK. Very brave of you, in any case, threatening someone from a different continent.

    @ Genevieve: Maybe, if there isn't one already, look into setting one up? Proxies are all pretty shady characters in any case. It'd at least be some warning.

  5. Rika FUCK YOU! Leave them alone. It's bad enough what you've already done.

    Sorry about her Genevieve she's just a pyscho bitch who wants attention.

  6. @RK: Well, you sure have wonderful social skills, don't you?

    @Jean: I didn't check last night because I was too wiped but I'll ask around today.

    @B: (Hopefully) she's in a different continent so it doesn't bother me all too much. I'll put the chain on the door next time.

  7. She's in America taunting Zero. She's a proxy herself. She used to attack Melody and I but she move on to Zero.

  8. Sounds like a completely charming person.