Sunday, November 21, 2010

chester matenga-white you son of a bitch.

Actually, that's not right, your mother seems like a nice lady.

Why didn't you TELL me how long this had been going on for? When did you find out about It? When was the first time you saw It?

People are weird. They think that they have to go through things alone. They don't.

Also, Chester, capitalised letters spelling out something you need to say is the oldest trick in the book. Stay safe. If you see it, add to the map if you can manage it.

On a non Chester flipping out related note, I still have yet to see the new Harry Potter movie. I think I need to take my mind off things for a while so I can stay relatively sane and not go running around like a headless chicken. I'll just go check the movie times.

I wonder what I'm going to tell Mr Irving at work tomorrow.


  1. Good luck with your slightly insane friends.

    I hope the situation starts looking up soon.

    Haha, I want to see that HP movie as well. Grew up with the series, you know.

  2. Poor Chester. Go after him.

  3. nice to know you miss me vieve

  4. I'd go after him if I thought it would do him any good.

    @Chester: Shove it. I do miss you but if I see you anytime I will render you unable to have children.

  5. Slender Man's going to come after you. He wants us all. Gotta get running, gotta get up to high place, got keep moving. Why are you staying in one place?

  6. NZ is a small place, you could cram 50 New Zealand's into America and there'd still be room to spare. There's only so many places I can go without hopping on a plane, I'm essentially limited to the North Island. And if I'm running, I'll have no job, I'm two years into a degree so I'm unqualified, I probably won't have the funds to get on a plane to Australia or somewhere.

    Also, there's the fact that we don't actually know exactly what the hell Slenderman is after or how he works. I know of a few bloggers who are, indeed, not running. It's possible not to run. Slendy is a creature that wears you down, forcing you to keep on the move, forcing you into a position where there's no one to turn to.