Monday, November 22, 2010


First thing first: I found Chester.

Mr Irving didn't ask any of us about Chester, so I asked him if he's heard anything. he told me he'd got a call from Chester, calling in sick. Again.

So I finished at work, went home, and found Chester asleep on the couch looking like he'd been dragged through a bush backwards and then kept awake all night. he hadn't given me my spare key back. bastard.

He's not in a good state. Paranoid, tired, and while he was out there he realised something.

There are only so many places we can go. Neither of us have anything more than high school qualifications (We're both two years into a Bachelor's degree) and New Zealand is a small country. Even smaller when you realise that we'll need money to get on a ferry to get down to the South Island. Shifting to Australia is probably too expensive.

Running, at the moment, is not a viable option.

Cassy likes vegemite.

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