Monday, November 8, 2010


Finally managed to fix the settings on this thing so it shows the correct date and time. For me, at least. The previous setting was Pacific time which got rather confusing, so I mucked around in the settings until I found how to change the displayed time. It's pretty annoying when a post you made one afternoon shows up as being at some ungodly time the day before. Timezones fry my brain.

Survived my night out with the colleagues. Spent the last couple of hours disinfecting the car. Not only is Leah a lightweight, but she has a sensitive stomach. Next time I go out with my workmates, either we aren't taking Leah or no alcohol is going to be involved. Either that, or someone else takes her home. Max has a car. He can do it next time.

I'm really tired. This Slenderman business is not helping my sleeping patterns. I haven't found any way of keeping track of Slendersightings, either. Much thanks, though, to the three people who clarified all the "wifin in the club" and "slenderman wants your $20" business. That was profoundly weird. I guess people have a sense of humour about this stuff. There's a blog somewhere supposedly by Slendy telling you to give your $20 to Haiti.

There are more Slenderblogs than I thought. I've been reading as many as I can (currently, Seeking Truth), and I just finished watching Marble Hornets. Seems like Dreams in Darkness was a fake run by a crazy guy, or if it isn't, Damien's in trouble. Alot of these blogs are ending badly. People missing, large body counts, who's going to be next?

I just wonder what's happened to A Lack of a Lexicon. Lexi said he was moving and then promptly vanished off the face of the earth, as did A. The only thing I've seen from either of them is a gibberish twitterpost 10 days back. The Tutorial seems to have gone dead too. Funny thing is this all happened around September.

This is painting a picture and it ain't a pretty one.


  1. A's last twitter post decodes to "nonexistence//the result of your failure"

    Most likely, it's a reference to readers' failure to solve her last puzzle.

  2. Thanks, Omega. Yowch. Still, no clue as to where all these people have vanished to. What bothers me is that it all happened around the same time.

    Also, I still haven't seen hide nor hair of Slendy. A tiny bit unnerving considering he seems to spread via people learning about him. I'm not arrogant enough to believe I'm safe. It's just making me more paranoid.

  3. If you have to dig, then take it bit by bit. Paranoia only helps It in the end. (Don't like calling It by a name. Call it superstition if you like.)

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. There are plenty of us out here in the 'Net who can answer them for you.

    And if you DO see It, please. Please be careful.