Thursday, November 25, 2010


Apparently the Solstice is coming up and something important is happening then. It's the Winter Solstice in most places, but the Summer Solstice here. Somehow that takes the fear out of it. 

And somehow that makes It even scarier, that It can lurk in light places, streetlamps, lit rooms. Chester hasn't seen him in ages. He's okay, if anyone's curious. Eating his way steadily through all the food. Going to work again. He attempted to use my shoulder as a pillow earlier but it was too uncomfortable. Serves him right, I'm not blind and I'm not stupid.

I had some tea earlier today. It was the stuff Kaylee and Lionel bought me as a thankyou gift. This is the first time I've tried it. It is some good tea.


I was thinking, earlier today. Yes, I know. Shock horror. I thought of something. (again, shock horror)

What is Slender man, is, like...

a dementor?

As in, he feeds off our fear? That makes him strong?


In other news, Cassy just walked in. Looks like my Patronus just arrived. Hahaha.

"Expecto Patronum" is Latin. It means "I await a Guardian."

1 comment:

  1. your shoulder looks a lot comfier than it is, vieve.

    i was wondering what was so funny. goddamnit latin is everywhere!