Sunday, November 7, 2010

Something or rather

Sudden influx of college work. I'm not taking Latin any more, which means I don't have to revise all the tenses and conjugations. Latin ate my life in High School. It seriously did. Thankfully I'm not taking it now I'm at college. So for the last two years, I have actually had a social life. Where's my applause? Oh well. I still have another year of my degree left, still have to do homework.

Okay, so I know that Slendy's serious business, but what's all this about 20 dollars and wifin' the the club? WHAT THE HELL IS WIFIN'? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

Words cannot describe how utterly perplexed I am. Oh well. I'm going out tonight. Dinner out with three of my colleagues. Hopefully this time I will not have to be the sober taxi service for Leah, again. Leah is a genius but she cannot hold her liquor.

Does anyone in my miniscule readership know a website where I and others can mark points on a map where there have been Slendysightings? (trying to figure out a pattern here)


  1. I think its an attempt to de-'demonize' or whatever the word is, SM. Sage showed that if we can show no fear to it, then it is weakened. Granted it could just be gallows humor, I suppose.

  2. Also, it's the internet. Everything is made fun of, including murder, kidnapping, and eldritch abominations. Aaand I have no clue what "wifin'" is. I assumed it was 'Merican slang. ... To Urban Dictionary!

    ... "A $20 bill". Seriously internet? If there has to be a meme, why can't it make sense?

    As to pinpointing sightings, I'm sure there's an app somewhere that lets people plug in their locations. A cursory googling has not given me much of a result, though. Sorry.

    Enjoy your night out, anyway.

  3. The $20 meme came from a parody of one of the Marble Hornets video, found here:

    The full version of the song in that video is here:

    And the definition of wifin:

  4. Bizarre. I guess people have senses of humour about the weirdest things. I guess if being able to joke around a bit stops people from jumping at shadows and crapping bricks every time a floorboard creaks and means it's harder for him to get to them, that's good.

    Okay, so if anyone I know's doing any wifin in the club I'll tell them to keep $20 (or whatever the equivalent is in the local currency) on hand.

    For anyone interested I did enjoy my night out, except now I have to thoroughly disinfect my car. I did end up being the sober taxi service, and it was not pretty.

  5. It's like making Jokes about Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill series. It's makes the monster less scary.