Thursday, November 11, 2010


I was pretty much out for the count yesterday. Mariko, who works with me, chewed me out for being careless about my health over the phone this morning and told me that I'd better be well enough to show up for work this afternoon otherwise she'd storm over to my place like a 5-foot steam train and lecture me until this stomach bug died out of sheer fear.  I'm not being careless, I just can't help that the way the shadows fall in my room at night looks vaguely humanoid. I'm paranoid. Seventh floor, seventh floor.

Chester, meanwhile, hasn't seen him either. He's taking it all pretty well, if I were him I'd be soiling myself with blocks of baked clay. He's reading up on some of the blogs, trying to figure out exactly what we're dealing with.


Cassy says hi.

MAP. It's in the post before this one. Go put sightings on it.


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