Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Of note

Learned something new today that freaked me out a little. There are a few theories that bother me:

a) Slenderman only follows people who see him in childhood.

b) Slenderman "spreads" or finds new victims via people who learn about him.

Theory b) is the one that freaks me out the most. I've known about Slender Man for some time and I haven't seen him. I've had no blackouts and I haven't got sick. This bothers me. Is anyone is reading this- does anyone have any records of Slendy existing outside America? Anyone at all? Is he stuck there (landlocked or something, can't cross large bodies of water or just can't comprehend boats and planes?) or does he just like it there or something else entirely? Can he honestly not find me here or it he just playing with me like my cat plays with balls of scrunched up newspaper?

Speaking of cats, I think I'm going to to go pet mine until I calm down. I can't think rationally in this state.


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